seattle adventures, pt. one

This summer, my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane, crossed the ocean, and landed in Seattle ten hours later. For the past five years, Seattle has been my summer hometown, visiting my dad and his family over there nearly every year. It was boyfriends first time over there, so we touristed out as much as we could. Here is part one of our Seattle adventures!

One - go on a hike
One - go on a hike 2
Go on a hike!

What I love about Seattle is that it just has everything: it has a bustling down town, the ocean for boat rides and swims, but also beautiful nature and mountains good for hikes and even skiing! I love getting out into nature for a long hike, which we did this time as well. We took the car up to Snoqualmie and took the Twin Falls Hike. A beautiful hike through the woods leading towards a beautiful waterfall. There are many more hikes to be done, check them out here!


cheesecake challenge: raspberry cheesecake brownies

I have a long lasting, strong love for the delicious sweet dish called cheesecake. Already as a little girl, I always loved the thick, creamy texture. As one of my 23 before 24 goals, I've decided I want to expand my repertoire with ten new cheesecakes, at least!

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

When I was a little girl, my mom, aunt and grandmother would take me to this particular bakery in the little town we lived in. I remember this bakery being in a tiny house, with a small facade - a window stalled with huge cakes and a tiny door surrounded by a golden frame. Once you were inside, the tiny house expanded into a grand room, filled with hundreds of tables and cakes everywhere. Now, I don't know if the imagination of my five-year old self went wild, so perhaps the bakery does not look like the golden walhalla that I remember. But! It is the place where my love for cheesecake started. Even to this day, I can still remember the taste, the texture, the smell of that specific vanilla cheesecake. Is that creepy?


instadiary july

With the blink of an eye July went by! Right now, I'm at home, sitting out my jet lag (always hits me hard when traveling back to Europe), so before I bombard you with all my Seattle hotspots, here are some pictures snapped with my phone during July! A month filled with finishing up researches and some hard-core relaxing and enjoying vacation time.

instadiary julyinstadiary julyinstadiary july
instadiary julyinstadiary julyinstadiary july
instadiary julyinstadiary julyinstadiary july

1. I celebrated the end of my 30 day sugar detox with one of my favorite cheesecakes from the Ontdekking in Utrecht and one of their super delicious mint-lavender lemonades.
2. Once I was done with all my researches, I packed up all my stuff and headed out to my boyfriends parents in Zeeland for a few beautiful sunny days. And sunny days means ice creams days, right?
3. We also headed out to the beach for an afternoon!

4. We also headed out to my parents for a few days before we were off to the US for two weeks, with whom we had a delicious dinner in a tiny little restaurant out in the woods near their house called Lua Pauline.
5. And then we were in Seattle to visit my dad and his family! I went out for a run early in the morning around Green Lake, just two blocks down the road from my dad's house and one of my favorite places to run.
6. The joys of vacation: being able to just relax, and read for pleasure. Two of the many books I bought during my stay: A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book and The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, both I can recommend!

7. Seattle has some amazing surroundings. Just a short drive away and you're in the woods, ready for a hike. Our first weekend we headed out to the Twin Falls trail up in Snoqualmie.
8 + 9. And of course, the Needle was visited too! With a pretty darn good view of the city, I must say :).


currently: seattle snapshots

Mighty-O Donuts - Seattle

It has been a bit silent over here, because the unthinkable has happened: I'm on vacation! After a stressful last month of deadlines, appointments, meetings, family visits and an ever-growing to-do list for my move abroad, my boyfriend and I have been in Seattle for the past week. We're here visiting my dad and his family, who I hadn't seen in almost two years. I used to spend my summers here when I was younger, and it's great to be back. It is boyfriend's first time in Seattle, let alone somewhere overseas, and it has been so much fun showing him around. Though admitted, we have been taking things pretty easy. Our days mostly consist of some shopping, sight-seeing, reading books, playing with my two-year old half-sister, an overabundance of food, and getting back into a fitness routine (for me, at least. Seattle is such a sporty city, I always get so motivated over here!). I had a bunch of posts planned, but sadly my laptop charger decided to die on me and buying a new one here is just to much of a hassle with differing plugs and all. I probably would have gotten a meltdown at home, but I guess one goes more with the flow on holiday, right? So expects lots of new things over here once I'm back! Here are some snapshots of our first week over here, hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Twin Falls Hike - Snoqualmie

Twin Falls Hike - Snoqualmie 2

Odd Fellows - Seattle


Woodland Zoo - Seattle


owning up to my stories pt. I - perfectionism

A while back I read the book ‘The Gift of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are’ by BrenĂ© Brown. She talks about the power of vulnerability, and owning up to our stories – that is, the painful ones that might be seen as imperfections in this world of ours – to reach happiness in your life and with yourself, which she beautifully describes as Wholehearted living. As someone who is constantly striving for happiness, while in a constant battle with my imperfections, this book seemed as if it were written for me. During the next couple of weeks, I will take a leap, and share my stories with you. Feel free to share yours as well!


Hello, my name is Cheyenne and I am an extreme perfectionist. I always thought of perfectionism as a positive attitude, striving for the most you can make out of a situation and being the best version of yourself. But to my surprise, the dictionary’s description doesn’t come off so great: 1. The refusal to accept any standard short of perfection, and 2. A doctrine holding that perfection is attainable, especially the theory that human moral or spiritual perfection should be or has been attained. Refusal, doctrine? So much for positivity. I do believe that in some form, perfectionism can be beneficial, motivating yourself to do your utmost best. To bad I got the nasty, mean kind of perfectionism in me, which keeps me from reaching the best version of myself.

'Perfectionism is a self destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.’  
― BrenĂ© Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are


instadiary june

And another month flew by! Where did the days go? It felt as if June just started yesterday, and everything that happened in between is one big blur - one big blur of paper writing (two more weeks, two more weeks!), lots of food and whine-sessions over big mugs of tea. Just a little longer, and then I can enjoy the beauty of summer (and give this little blog the attention it deserves!).

diary junediary junediary june
diary junediary junediary june
diary junediary june_2917 diary june

1. Big thing this June: I started a sugar detox. Just one more day and then I finished my thirty days of sugarlessness. One of my favorite lunches: banana and egg pancakes with coconut and strawberries.
2. When pizza is a no-no during a sugar detox, what do you do? You make one from scratch. Delicious dough, roasted tomato and pepper sauce, topped with tuna and arugula.
3. I often threw together one of my favorite salads: arugula, couscous, garlic shrimp, cherry tomatoes, avocado and some shredded feta and lemon juice.

4. After a week of fruit and rice cakes as snack, I really craved something with some consistence. I mage these sticky date bars with quinoa without the quinoa, and they were a-mazing. Recipe coming up!
5. Another one of my favorites: stuffed peppers with whole-grain rice, beef, chopped tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan.
6. The World Cup started! So far I've been able to watch one game due to my deadlines, but I heard the rest of the city party all throughout the other matches.

7. Yeah, deadlines.. they just go on and on and on. To make it a bit more bearable for myself, I packed up my stuff and headed out to the park to study.
8. All that studying and writing was followed by many coffee (or in my case, tea) dates with my classmates/friends. You gotta stick together in though times!
9. Another downside of a busy schedule: hardly any time spent with boyfriend. This past weekend I finally managed to stay over for about a day or four. Many cuddles followed!


little things vol. I

Busy, hectic schedules sometimes makes us miss the little things that make life as beautiful as can be. Those things that can change things around in an instance. Those things you want to remember later, looking back at your life and reminiscing old memories. I know I tend to forget - or perhaps better, oversee those little gems of life. But one sometimes needs to remember to appreciate the little things, and see that they are actually the big things in life.

little things vol I.

At the beginning of these week, my head felt like exploding from everything that was happening around me. Deadlines, presentations, articles, letter, archive studies, hunting for rooms, leading to excruciating headaches. The ones that feel like enormous waves are rushing through your head, crashing hard against every inch of your skull. I needed to get away from everything, so as frustrated as I was, I threw on my runners and went outside. My usual run ends in the park near my house, where I now arrived still rather frustrated by everything and nothing.

But then I started to look around. The park was filled with smiling children, climbing over the jungle gym and playing in the dirt. Students hanging out, spreading out in a big circle, talking, eating and laughing; groups of family, neighbors and friends gathered with all there children: the women talking while sitting in the fresh grass, men standing around and laughing, watching their kids not to fall of the slides; friends playing games, either softball or frisbee, trying not to hit the other park go-ers in the head; and the couples in love, strolling around the park, cuddling on the benches and putting their heads in the grass between the large trees.

little things vol I.

Even though I came there still frustrated, trying to wrap my mind around all the things to be done, I couldn't help to feel overwhelmed by joy when I saw all these happy people. There happiness actually made me happy. They were enjoying life, just by.. being. It was not about deadlines to make, bills to be paid, or chores to be done. They just where there, out in the sun, enjoying there time right then and there. And that is something I have forgotten how to do over the last few years. Inspired by my new insight, the following days I went to the park as well. Initially to study (habits are hard to shake), though I quickly put away my laptop and grabbed a magazine. I enjoyed myself just being there, out in the open and in the sun. Something so simple, so little, and so against my principle of 'work hard, work harder', and it felt good. If you're looking for me, I think you'll just my find my at the park this summer.

What little things made you happy this week?